Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012

We've modified the old sheep pen into farrowing and sorting pens in the barn. This will give us more space for piglets since three of our sows are due in mid-January.

Its been really warm out the last couple days, the pigs enjoy sun bathing.

Another sunbather.

Recent arrivals, these piglets were born a couple weeks ago.

Jake and my dad working on our grainary.

We purchased a feed truck a couple weeks ago.

One of its uses will be for filling up our creep feeders.

I used 5 gallon pails to do this in the past and it would take about an hour, or longer depending on where the feeders were located.

Now we can transfer a large amount of feed in a few minutes.

We'll also use it to put grain in the storage bin above our grainry.

We're renting heated workshop space from a neighbor to work on our combines and other machinery.

In this combine the weld on an auger broke so I had to replace it.

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