Saturday, May 28, 2011

The End of May

Seeding one of our pig pastures with oats and peas.


There's been three litters of piglets this month.

We've been having trouble finding feeder pigs this year so we're fortunate that we have a boar and sows to produce our own feeder pigs.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 2-9

Disking with the Oliver, we bought a 14ft disk last fall. Its heavier and does a better job chopping up the soil than our small disk.

Plants in the greenhouse are coming along. Last year the lettuce was ready the last week of April. Its been a cooler spring this year though.

Grain drill #3 is finally functional. It had been sitting outside for 25 years and needed a lot of work.

Some barley seed was left in the seed boxes and caused the metal to rust. So I gave it a coat of paint.

On the older John Deere Drills I've seen the support straps between the seed boxes and the frame break. I was able to reinforce and weld them back together.

On Friday one of our sows farrowed, we ended up with eight live piglets. There were four still births which is a bit high.

The sheep got their annual haircut a couple days ago.

Plus a manicure (hoof trimming).

Napoleon in his summer coat.