Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 15-21

I'm heating up the drum speed adjustment crank on our model 72 combine. The drum is the first step in the threshing process (removing the grain from the plant). The drum speed can be adjusted depending on the crop being harvested.

Success! The crank turns.

I also noticed that the rattles, the part the bring the grain up into the combine had jumped off their cog and bent the mounting bracket.

That meant I had to take out the part and replace it.

Finally got the old part out.

Luckily we have a parts combine. The damaged part is in back.

Getting things put back together.

Combining spring wheat.

Ben and Jake putting the roof on the grainery.

August 8-14

Grainery construction.

The plan is to store grain upstairs and grind flour below.

Using a moisture meter to test the moisture content of rye.

Our Allis Chlamers Model 66 combine we purchased recently.

An unusual feature on this combine is an extra axle so four tires can be mounted.

The manual says to use four tires if the ground is to soft. I'm not sure for what crops though, if the ground is to soft to support the combine then its probably to wet to harvest.

Winter rye ready to harvest.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The First Week of August

Two week old piglets on pasture.

We lost a disk blade on our Oliver disk.

Pigs taking their afternoon nap.

Jake and Adam building a portable pig shelter.

Footings for the grainery building.

Pouring the slab for our grainery.

Smoothing out the slab.

Carrots before weeding (right) after (left).